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Welcome to CableFree: Wireless Excellence

CableFree is a leading brand of professional wireless products for a wide variety of applications.
CableFree products are in use in over 65 countries with applications including Telecommunications, ISP, Campus Connectivity, Corporate, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Broadcast, Military and CCTV security.

CableFree products utilise latest generation technologies to provide Gigabit capacity wireless links for urban, rural, metro, in-building and country-scale networks. CableFree products offer carrier-grade reliability with proven performance in diverse climates and operating conditions.

The CableFree product range includes AC MIMO Radio, Microwave, Millimeter Wave (MMW), Free Space Optics (FSO), WiFi, 4G/LTE and other technologies to provide complete solutions for our customers. Wireless Excellence also offers a complete range of training, design, support and other services to ensure excellence of customer experience.

Our range of wireless communication products are used in mission-critical networks and proven to work reliably in a wide variety of climatic conditions and applications including extremes of heat, cold, moisture, rain, snow, dust, sand and other conditions found in all regions.

CableFree Wireless Excellence Gigabit Product Range
Gigabit OFDM MIMO Radio, Licensed Microwave, MMW, E-band Millimeter Wave, FSO, Free Space Optics, WiFi from CableFree:Wireless Excellence
Please feel welcome to contact our team of experts who can guide you in choosing and deploying the correct CableFree products to suit your wireless networking needs, including carrier-grade MIMO OFDM Radio, Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Free Space Optics and WiFi Hotspot products and solutions.  Our team have great experience in deploying mission critical wireless networks since 1997 worldwide.  In addition to supply of products we can supply a range of wireless network design services, training and support to meet your needs.

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